Special Winter Jigsaw Puzzles for the Season

During this winter season, and the expected wintery weather of snow this weekend, we would like to feature some of our winter jigsaw puzzles.  While you wait for the snow to stop, you can enjoy the time by assembling jigsaw puzzles that reminds you of the fun activities of winter weather.  You will also want to keep warm inside as you work your winter jigsaw puzzle, so why not get your favorite blanket or quilt to keep you warm.

Winter PatchworkAnd speaking of quilts, here is a perfect jigsaw puzzle to feature in this winter season.  This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is titled Winter Patchwork and has dimensions 19″ by 30″.  So, come join the fun inside with winter jigsaw puzzles at this time of the year.  Who knows, maybe the sun will come out, melt the snow, avoid the shoveling and you can continue with your jigsaw puzzles.

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