Nanette’s Cottage

Nanette's Cottage by KinkadeWho was Nanette and why did artist Thomas Kinkade paint this cottage with her name on it?

Nanette was his beloved wife of 30 years. He was known for putting an N in each painting to show everyone how important she was to him. This cottage was not actually hers, but was one that she loved to admire as they would take family walks during an extended stay in southern England. In honor of their 27th anniversary, he decided to paint it for her so that she could finally have her cottage.

As you and your loved ones assemble this puzzle, you can discuss what ways you can show your devotion to each other. Is there an equivalent “Nanette’s Cottage” that your loved one would like? You can find this puzzle entitled Nanette’s Cottage and other Thomas KinkadeĀ  jigsaw puzzles at A+ Puzzles, Etc.

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