Let’s Have Some Fun with Jigsaw Puzzles!

Today, make yourself feel good about accomplishing something and have some fun with jigsaw puzzles.  Your whole heart, mind, and body can participate in the feeling of accomplishment and the joy in the process.  For your heart, choose jigsaw puzzles that depict something that you enjoy. Do you like jigsaw puzzles that involve cute and adorable animals like kittens or puppies, or do you like ocean or landscape scenes? Do you like jigsaw puzzles with cars, trains, or planes, or do you prefer a particular artist like the “painter of light” Thomas Kinkade or the American folk artist Jane Wooster Scott?  Whatever types of jigsaw puzzles you choose, make sure it is something your heart desires.  Then, choose appropriate piece counts for your jigsaw puzzles that challenge your mind and give you a good feeling of accomplishment.  Have fun and be energized by your feeling of accomplishment when you finish your jigsaw puzzles, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey and the learning you receive through the process of completing your jigsaw puzzles.

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