Let’s Have Some Fun with Cat Jigsaw Puzzles!

Here’s 9 little lives in Cat Jigsaw Puzzles!  No, it’s not just 9 lives for a single cat.  We actually have 9 little kittens doing what they love best:  Playing, looking with curiosity, and having a good time.  Our featured jigsaw puzzle is a cat jigsaw puzzle named “Yarn Party Tonight” with art by Linda Picken.  This 500 piece cat jigsaw puzzle depicts 9 kittens around a basket of yarn.  One kitten is pulling a ball of yarn by mouth; another kitten is getting the yarn tangled around its paws. Other kittens are looking on with intense curiosity.  One kitten is in the basket and another one playing with the yarn on its back.  For all the cat and kitten lovers, this cat jigsaw puzzle is perfect for you.Yarn Party Tonight

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