Learning with Children’s Jigsaw Puzzles! Part 3

We continue with our series on learning with Children’s jigsaw puzzles.  Some of our children’s jigsaw puzzles are specifically designed to help with learning the alphabet as well as beginning numbers.  As the children are growing older, they can try some of these floor jigsaw puzzles to help in learning the letters of the alphabet and counting. 

As the puzzle difficulty increases from the basic jumbo knob type pieces, the child is now learning how different pieces fit together.  The child learns to understand the big picture and that there is a process in reaching the goal of putting all these individual pieces together.  With larger children’s jigsaw puzzles and more pieces, the child realizes the process includes a step-by-step procedure in putting jigsaw puzzles together, which can start with putting edge pieces together first, then looking for specific items or colors.  The child learns to focus on the current step in this procedure while developing patience and determination to arrive to the final picture of the completed jigsaw puzzle.

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