Learning with Children’s Jigsaw Puzzles! Part 2

We will continue from yesterday on our topic about the benefits of Children’s jigsaw puzzles.  One of the first children’s jigsaw puzzles could be the jumbo knob jigsaw puzzle.  Go ahead and check them out on our website.  As we mentioned yesterday, the benefits of these most simplest of puzzles include placement orientations, shape and color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and spacial relationships.  In addition to this, children improve deductive reasoning as they use trial and error to place a puzzle piece correctly.  Children also develop matching and sorting skills as they correctly place the jigsaw puzzle piece in the correct hole.  This helps with future reading skills as the child recognizes things have a certain placement: right-side up, left to right.  This will help in recognizing letters and order of letters in words. 

Finally, one of the best benefits of doing children’s jigsaw puzzles is the interaction between an adult and child as they develop relationships and work together.  The child has lots of fun while unconsciously learning in the process.  The child also learns language skills as the adult guides the child through the process of assembling the jigsaw puzzles.  Tomorrow, we’ll have one more part of this series as we look at the benefits of children’s jigsaw puzzles including some benefits as the children grow older.

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