Learning with Children’s Jigsaw Puzzles! Part 1

A young child can learn a lot by putting together children’s jigsaw puzzles.  One of the most basic types of children’s jigsaw puzzles are wooden puzzles that have just a few shaped pieces that fit into corresponding holes.  At first, it’s like putting a square piece into a round hole, the child may have trouble putting the piece in the correct orientation.  With some help from an adult, the child can learn that there is a particular way that the jigsaw puzzle piece fits into the hole.  As children receive some instruction from an adult, they can learn the shapes, colors and the names of the puzzle piece items that are part of the puzzle.  They can learn about what a yellow school bus shape looks like.  Along with colors, shapes and names, as children continue to work on jigsaw puzzles, they also learn hand-eye coordination, placement orientation, and spacial relationships.  Stay tuned as we talk some more about the benifits of Children’s jigsaw puzzles in tomorrow’s blog.

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