How To Have Fun in the Snow! (Snowbound)

Snowbound Mary ThompsonThis fun scene shows all the fun that can be had by lots of snow, so much so that time stops for a few days whilst everyone is snowbound.

How do the people in this puzzle, entitled Snowbound, enjoy their free time in the snow? They sleigh and sled ride around the neighborhood, go ice skating, go hiking up the hillĀ and make snowmen. Of course, some folks like to be like the older couple in the bay window – they like to stay indoors and watch!

How do you enjoy a good snow day or days? Have you ever been snowbound for days on end? How do you like to spend your snow days? Are you one to go outside and play in the snow or do you like to stay indoors, sipping hot cocoa and watch others play in the snow? Assembling this puzzle would be great to have on hand in case you are snowbound or just like the reminder of childhood days of playing in the snow.

You can assemble this and other SunsOut jigsaw puzzles at A, Puzzles, Etc.

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