How Are Jig Saw Puzzles Like Self-Help Books?

Well, there are many similarities between jig saw puzzles and self-help books.  One major concept expressed in many self-help books is setting goals, writing down these goals, and finding ways to work toward these goals. 

Let’s look at how setting goals is similar to jig saw puzzles.  When you assemble jig saw puzzles isn’t your ultimate goal to reach to the final picture on the box?  Also, in setting goals, sometimes you may want to set smaller attainable intermediate goals as steps toward the ultimate goal.  Don’t you do that in assembling jig saw puzzles?  Your first goal may be to work on the border.  Other intermediate goals could be putting particular items in the puzzle together, or putting similar colors together.  To accomplish these goals, you need to do specific things.  When you assemble the borders of jig saw puzzles, you look for all side and corner jig saw puzzle pieces and work at putting these together.  When you put parts of the jig saw puzzles together that have the same color pieces, you need to specifically find those colored pieces.  Then, even a more specific intermediate goal could be finding a jig saw puzzle piece that has a particularly shaped connection tab or curve.  All along the way while assembling jig saw puzzles, you are setting and accomplishing small goals, all geared toward the ultimate goal of completing the jig saw puzzle.  Let’s continue tomorrow on this topic of how jig saw puzzles are like self-help books.

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