Hope Diamond: Curator’s Desk

Hope Diamond Curator DeskThe Hope Diamond is a legendary diamond created in the 1660s for King Louis XIV with a weight of over 45 carats. According to the  Encyclopedia Smithsonian, it was once called “French Blue” for its violet color. It has a note of mystery about it due to its large size [even though it was much larger at one time], being owned by French king and disappearance of it for about 20 years. It has had different owners until 1958 when it was donated to the Smithsonian Institution.

We have four other Hope Diamond theme jigsaw puzzles for sale from our Ceaco themed jigsaw puzzles : Equipment Room, Jungle Bluff, Gift Shop and Owl Tower. Each jigsaw puzzle is filled with interesting detail which will spark many good discussions with friends and family who will help you with this puzzle., You can find them or this featured jigsaw puzzle entitled Smithsonian Hope Diamond: The Curator’s Desk at A+ Puzzles, Etc.

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