Happy National Jigsaw Puzzle Day!

JIGZY (the A+ Puzzles, Etc. Mascot)From Jigzy and all of us here at A+ Puzzles, Etc., we would like to wish everyone a Happy National Jigsaw Puzzle Day!!

Jigzy is celebrating all day by doing his favorite activity.  Yup, you guessed it!!  He’s putting jigsaw puzzles together all day.  He’s trying to see how many different types of jigsaw puzzles he can put together in one day!  He’ll have different sizes and different shapes of jigsaw puzzles all day.  He started with a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, then a 300, and then a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, and now he’s working on a 550 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Jigzy’s goal is to complete at least 4-5 more jigsaw puzzles today, including a shaped jigsaw puzzle.

How are you celebrating National Jigsaw Puzzle Day?  If you don’t know about our special sale for the next couple weeks, feel free to ask us, and we’ll email you the details.

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