Eagles in Native American Jigsaw Puzzles!

Native Americans consider eagles to be a sacred bird.  So, as they depict eagles in much of their Native American art, they can also be seen in many of our Native American Jigsaw Puzzles.   You might see why Native Americans regard the eagle in such high regard when you watch an eagle soar, or how it’s portrayed in our eagle jigsaw puzzles.  You can see the majesty and also where the symbol of freedom comes from for the United States of America.  The Native Americans hold the feathers of an eagle with high significance and give them a ceremonial cleaning if they touch the ground.  Also, since eagles fly at higher altitudes than other birds, Native Americans believe eagles have a special connection to God.  Many of the Native American beliefs about eagles are depicted in much of their art as can be seen in our many Native American jigsaw puzzles.

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