Does April Showers bring May Flower Jigsaw Puzzles!

As we’ve had record rainfall in April in many states of the United States, we now look to see flowers as they grow.  You know the saying: April Showers bring May Flowers.  Well, here at A+ Puzzles, Etc., we like to say April Showers bring May Flower Jigsaw Puzzles.  Our featured jigsaw puzzle today reminds us of the joyous parts of spring, as we see the flowers begin to bloom.  We see life coming out in full scale. Here in our featured flower jigsaw puzzle, we have butterflies and flowers enjoying the fresh spring air.  This is a new Sunsout 500 piece jigsaw puzzle called “Butterfly Tropics” which you can find with our other flower jigsaw puzzles.Butterfly Tropics

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