Discounts for Memorial Day and FREE Jigsaw Puzzles in Future Orders!

For this Memorial Day Weekend, we are offering some discounts on orders placed by May 31, AND we want to show you how you can earn discounts toward FREE Jigsaw Puzzles

This is how it works!  For this holiday weekend, if you sign up for our 778 Referral Plan, we will also be giving you a discount code to receive 10% off your order through May 31.  But this is just the start of your many discounts.  Through our 778 Referral Plan, you can earn enough discounts so that the jigsaw puzzles in a future order can be free.  That’s right; you can earn discounts toward free jigsaw puzzles!

Just click on the link to our free jigsaw puzzles page, and then click through to find out more information about our 778 Referral Plan.  We will then email you a 10% discount code that you can use through May 31.

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