Cat Jigsaw Puzzles with Typical Cat Activities!

Our featured jigsaw puzzle today from our collection of cat jigsaw puzzles is a mini puzzle called “Kittens in the Attic”.  Imagine a bunch of kittens left alone in the attic by a stained-glass window. There are a number of things that the kittens could get in to.  But when there is a ball of yarn in the middle room as well, you know there will be a good time for any cat.  Two kittens go after the yarn while coming out of a decorative tin while one cat is holding on to dear life on top of the tin.  Then, there is a cat resting in the light of the window while another cat is washing himself.  And of course, you have a few curious cats just looking on as the others are playing with the yarn.  You can enjoy so many different typical cat activities all expressed in this cat mini jigsaw puzzle with only 100 pieces or choose from our many other cat jigsaw puzzles of various sizes.Kittens in the Attic

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4 Responses to Cat Jigsaw Puzzles with Typical Cat Activities!

  1. Peggy Wright says:

    I had this puzzle, Kittens in the Attic, several years ago, but it was much larger than 100 pieces. I loved the puzzle and felt I was right there in the attic with them. Is it available in the larger size? Oh, please!!

  2. Do you have this in a larger size? I had one a few years ago and loved it.

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