A Good Friday Puzzle from our Christian Jigsaw Puzzles!

Our featured jigsaw puzzle for Good Friday is from our collection of Christian Jigsaw Puzzles!  This shaped jigsaw puzzle is in the form of a cross, with Jesus spreading His arms out in the middle of the cross.  At the top of this jigsaw puzzle there is a Christmas scene, depicting Jesus’ birth.  On the left side of the cross, Jesus is shown teaching His disciples.  On the right side of the cross, the little children are invited and come joyously to see Jesus.  Lastly, at the bottom of the cross on this shaped jigsaw puzzle, there is a scene of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.  This 1000-piece shaped jigsaw puzzle with art by William Ternay is called “I am with you.”I am with you

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